• As of September 1, 2020 Holy Child Jesus and St. Benedict Joseph Labre merged to form one parish, now named Parish of Holy Child Jesus – Saint Benedict Joseph Labre.


Parish Mission Statement: We, the Roman Catholic Parish of Holy Child Jesus, striving to be a faith-filled community, commit ourselves to live a deeper life with Jesus and to celebrate His Gospel in worship and service as witnesses of His presence, thereby enriching the spiritual life of our parish and community with His love. We further commit ourselves to the causes of social justice and equality for all. Aware of this Christian call, we hope to accomplish our mission through liturgy, education, service, and example for the individual, the family, and the entire community.

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Holy Child Jesus Academy

Called by God and entrusted by the parents of our students, Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy strives to create an environment that ensures the development of a quality Catholic education.





Holy Child Jesus Church                     111-11 86th Avenue, Richmond Hill, NY 11418

  Parish Office                                             The Leonard Center                                  86-13 112th Street, Richmond Hill, NY 11418



Parish Office Hours
Mon & Fri: 9:00am-4:00pm
Sat. & Sun: Closed

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Mass and Reconciliation Schedules

Holy Child Jesus Mass Services

Monday – Friday 8:30am

First Saturdays: 8:30am

Wednesday: 7:30pm (Spanish)

Saturday: 5:00pm (Counts for Sunday Mass)

Sunday: 8:30am, 10:30am (Spanish), 12:30pm, 5:00pm

St. Benedict Joseph Labre Mass Services

Monday – Saturday 9:00am

First Fridays and Third Thursdays: 7:30pm (Spanish)

Saturday: 5:00pm (Counts for Sunday Mass)

Sunday: 10:00am, 11:30am (Spanish)

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturdays: 4:30pm-5:30pm (HCJ Church) and 4:00pm-5:00pm (SBJL Church)

Sundays before the 8:30am and 10:30am Masses at the HCJ Church only


Networking with Churches in the USA

For ages, churches have remained fundamental in propagating the religious beliefs of Christians. Churches have also served as important gathering places for communities and have also aided in social work over the years. Today, churches in the United States of America are much more than mere places of worship. Churches are a meeting ground for diverse communities of society.

Churches and their significance in the USA

The United States is a secular country. Despite the country’s religious diversity, Christianity is frequently associated with American nationalism and patriotism. Since its inception during the colonial era, Christianity has been the most prevalent and influencing religion in American society.

With the arrival of European settlers in the 16th century, Christianity emerged in the United States of America. Numerous domains emerged with the Awakenings of the 19th century such as Holiness, Pentecostal, Protestants, Catholics, Presbyterian, Lutherans, Evangelicals, and the like. If you would like to get a Database of Places of Worship in the USA then please see the Email List of Churches  

Compared to many other Western nations, Christians in America tend to be more engaged in their practice. Numerous reasons, including the desire for religious freedom, and the inability of the major denominations to produce enough clergy for an expanding nation, contributed to the development of Christianity in the United States.

Over the years, the US has served as a breeding ground for hundreds of new religious sects, many of which have since faded away. About 10,000 to 30,000 separate Christian denominations had established themselves by the start of the twenty-first century.